YouTube Channel Manager Explained

To be a great YouTube channel manager, you must first study all there is to know about the position, from its definition to the tasks and obligations it requires.

Youtube channel manager job description

Ok, that may sound easy: “just write up a comprehensive job description, post it on a platform, and wait for applicants to come to you.” However, that’s not so simple. If you're a YouTuber wanting to hire a manager for your channel, check the job description example below. As well as if you're currently working as Junior YouTube manager, and want to learn more and then get promoted to Senior YouTube manager position, this article is for you. 

Let’s face it, below is the Youtube channel manager job description example that I found on  No need to explain, just go through the job responsibilities and ideal experience that a recruiter mentioned.

Youtube channel manager job desciption

What does a YouTube Channel manager do?

Here, we'll go through the most important duties of a YouTube channel manager in detail. It gives a good idea of what a YouTube channel manager's job includes on the ground level.

Daily tasks of the YouTube Manager will include setting the upload schedules for our YouTube channels, handling video uploads and setting of video metadata. As well as this, the YouTube Manager will set up new channels and maintain existing channels. The YouTube Manager will also check the analytics of the channels to monitor channel/video performance. There will also be some research and experimentation required as you look into how best Crestors can increase reach, engagement and revenue on their channels. You will also regularly hold strategy-setting calls across the digital, production, and business teams, making decisions that affect the way Creators use YouTube from the top down.

You will get direct access to the lives of millions of viewers across the globe. You will be responsible for determining how businesses and vloggers develop on YouTube and what content producers post.